5 More Tips for Moving Success

5 More Tips for Moving Success


Congrats on your new place. Now it’s time to get all your stuff ready to be moved. If you’re looking around feeling overwhelmed, this list is sure to help you get things rolling in the right direction. Since we’re experts in the field of moving, we put together some of our best tips for getting your home ready for the new place.

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6. Pick The Right Day To Move

There is a science to picking the right day. You’ll want to avoid weekends and play around with potential moving dates. For example, scheduling your move on a Tuesday may give you a cheaper rate and less chaos.


7. Map out the best way to get to your new home

No one likes sitting in traffic and pulling out your GPS three times to find where you’re going. You’ll be thankful you took the time to map out your destination before hand.

If possible, you might want to drive to the new place a few times so you are used to the area if you have trouble finding things.


8. Create A Master Moving To-Do List

No detail is too insignificant for this list. In the moment when you’re frazzled, you end up packing kitchen items with clothing and cleaning supplies. Don’t trust your own memory on this.

Use a notes app, notebook or whatever you need to keep track of everything. If your cable box needs to be returned a day before you move, write it down.


9. Put Moving Items On Your Calendar

You’ll be more productive if you have a schedule. For example:

Tuesday – Sort kids toys

Wednesday – Buy new sheets

Thursday – Return cable box

Breaking up your tasks per day makes everything more manageable. You can then reward yourself after you’ve completed the task for the day. Or just sleep, you’ve earned it!


10. Get Boxes From Friends Or Your Liquor Store

This is where you get that reward for staying up on your moving calendar. Just ask for a few boxes as you check out. Make sure they’re not too worn.

If you know of someone who just moved, hit them up for some gently used boxes too.