Our History

In 1919, Boush Transfer was started by Robert Finley Boush in Puyallup, Washington. With his horse and wagon, Robert hauled berries and produce from the local farmers to the canneries. Incorporated in 1960, Boush Moving evolved into a full-service relocation specialist. We concentrate our efforts in three major areas of transportation; Local and Long distance Moving, Office and Industrial Moving and Corporate Employee Relocation. Boush Moving & Storage is still a family owned and operated business that emphasizes quality first. We take pride in our reputation as a hard working, honest company.

Our Timeline

1919 – Robert Finley (R.F.) Boush uses his horse and wagon to move berries to local canneries and starts family moving/hauling business.

1924 – R.F. Boush purchases property on Fourth Street in Puyallup, builds a home on it and operates his business from the site.  The business was called Boush Transfer.  Today, Boush Moving and Storage is on the same property on Fourth Street.  Also during this period, Boush buys a Ford truck and begins hauling wood and coal.  Boush also marries Johanna Pendle in 1925.

1929 – Extra help hired by R.F. Boush as operations expand and the family enters the long-distance hauling business, moving material from Washington to Oregon and back.

1930’s – Business continued to grow and prosper.  An office was opened on West Stewart to handle more business and is eventually purchased by the company.

1935 – Boush Transfer gets into the business of moving household goods.

1935-1941 – Family business continues to grow but concentrates its operations in the Puyallup Valley.

1946 – One of R.F.’s sons, Robert J. Boush, comes back from service in the Navy during World War II and joins the family business.

1955 – R.F. Boush semi-retires as Art Boush graduates from St. Martin’s College and joins the family business as a manager.  Frank and Bert, R.F.’s two other sons, did not become involved in the family’s business, although they did work as drivers for other firms.  Frank’s wife Nancy did work for the family for many years as a secretary.

1957 – Family concentrates on the transporting and storage of household goods and limits operations to Washington, Oregon and California.

1960 – Boush Transfer incorporates and becomes know as Boush Moving and Storage, Inc.  The corporate officers are: Art J. Boush, president; R.F. Boush, vice president; and Robert J. Boush, secretary-treasurer.  Boush Moving and Storage also joined the U.S. Van Line in 1960.

1965 – R.F. Boush dies at the age of 81. He did not retire from the management of the company until he was 75 years old.  During his lifetime, the moving industry underwent a revolution, changing from a reliance on horses and buggies to huge vans.

1967 – Construction finished on a warehouse on Fourth Street with a business office placed in the front part of the building.  The company is based in this same building today.

1970’s – Boush Moving and Storage becomes involved in long-term storage contracts with the U.S. Government.

1978 – Robert J. Boush dies of cancer.  His son, Robert J. Boush Jr., comes into the management of the family business, marking the third generation of the Boush family to do so.

1980 – Boush Moving and Storage has a fleet of eight trucks, four vans, two semi-vans (truck and trailer) and two pickup trucks.  It operates a warehouse and self-storage warehouse.

1994 – Carl Boush, son of Art Boush moves up to management and assumes the position of vice-president.  Shortly after Susan Hansen is hired on as secretary.

2007 – Art Boush passes away. JK Boush, Robert Boush Jr.’s son moves into management.  Marking the fourth generation of Boush involved with the running and operation of the company.

2009 – Robert Boush Jr. passes away.  Boush Moving and Storage is now owned and operated by Carl and JK Boush

2017 – Boush Moving and Storage Inc. currently has 12 trucks and roughly 30 employees.

2019 – Boush Moving and Storage will celebrate 100 years of business and looks forward to many more.

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